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Technique of the Month.....Glacier Star 6

Technique of the Month 6
Glacier Star

"We're please to offer the Judy Niemeyer Technique of the month program. This is available through Certified Shops only. If you missed out on June's Technique of the Month lecture, or if you need a review, here is what was covered in class..."

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Glacier Star Pattern
Technique 6

Today we are creating the curved flying geese
outer border

A Special Note:
Pages 5, 6 & 9 have been replaced with updated directions.
You received the new pages at the lecture.

As always, read through all of the pattern directions thoroughly before you begin working on this month's technique.

This month's pattern papers

After all of your curved flying geese are pieced,
you will work on your Y Seams

Curved Flying Geese Units
create a curvy outer border around the star

Follow the Directions and Bag Up
your paper and fabric pieces to help stay organized.

Bag #1

Your Certified Instructor
Jan Bressler
is all set up and ready to begin

Following the pattern directions,
lay out all of your background and geese fabrics
like they are in the picture above.

This will be the view as you sit and sew at your machine:

Begin piecing Unit G1

Fold the paper pattern on Line 1

Place the folded side of the paper onto the back side
of the first triangle/goose fabric

Then place them onto the first background fabric piece

You are now ready to sew the first seam:

Stitch on Line 1

Press the Seam:

One background fabric has been sewn on at this point

Fold on Line 2

Trim off the excess fabric using your
Add-A-Quarter Ruler

Add your next background fabric

Sew on Line 2

Press the Seam:

Your first goose now has background fabric on both
sides of it

Fold on Line 3

Trim off the excess fabric

Add your second triangle/goose fabric

Sew on Line 3

Press the Seam

Fold on Line 4

Continue until the entire G1 Unit is pieced.
Complete all of the G1 Curved Geese Units.

Follow the directions carefully when piecing your
curved geese units.

Corner Unit

Side Unit

Pay attention and follow the directions.

Y Seams:

Begin by piecing the large star diamond units together.
You should have 8 completed star diamonds.

Back side of 2 diamonds sewn together.

Line up the star diamond units and pin together.

Pin accurately to keep the edges lined up.

Push the pin straight through, not at an angle

Correctly Pinned, straight through.
Leave this pin in place.
Add another pin directly next to this one to hold it in place.
Then you can remove this first pin.

Continue pinning down the side of the unit:

Here is an alternate method of pinning accurately:

If the paper has been removed from the unit,
use a 1/4 inch measurement and draw a line down both sides of the point.

This will create an X

Now you can pin directly through the X for proper placement.

Begin sewing directly in the middle of the X:

This will leave a 1/4 inch un-sewn at the tip of the seam.
This is the secret to a successful Y Seam.

Continue to sew the entire length of the seam.

Back view of the sewn star diamond units.

Press the Seam:

You are now ready to continue piecing the remainder of the Y Seam

You can see here, there is a 1/4 inch un-sewn
Your seams should look just like this.

Back View: 1/4 inch left un-sewn at the end of the seam

All of your Geese will be pressed in the same direction

4 Star Diamond Units sewn together to create
half of the star

This unit will be pieced into the Y Seam
between the star diamond units.

This unit will also be pieced into the Y Seams
between the star diamond units.

Follow the directions carefully.
A design wall would prove useful to lay out your units correctly.

Pin the units carefully

Matching up where the flying geese units meet at the seam.

Pin to the end of the seam:

Allow a quarter inch of the top piece to stick out
beyond the bottom piece.
Pin in place.
You are ready to sew the seam.

Sew the Y Seam

Press the Seam:

At this point you are half way there...

Jan is pointing to the final seam you need to sew.

This is what your competed Y Seams will look like.

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This Tutorial Courtesty of
JanniLou Creations
and Jan Bressler, Certified Quiltworx Instructor.

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  1. You've done amazing job! Thanks for the superb tutorial, unfortunately I don't think I'll ever be able to do anything like that!