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Technique of the Month......Glacier Star 3

Technique of the Month
Glacier Star

"We're very pleased to offer the Judy Niemeyer Technique of the Month program. This is available through Certified Shops only. If you missed out on March's Technique of the Month lecture, or if you need a review, here is what was covered in class..."

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Glacier Star Pattern
Technique 3

Instructor: Jan Bressler

We will create this Lone Star Unit

Please refer to the excellent instructions

Cut out all of your pattern pieces

Cut out all of your fabrics according to the pattern directions

Bag 1

Following the Instructions
Place your pieces in baggies to stay organized

Bag 2

Bag 3

Unit C1

This is everything you need to complete Unit C1

Fold each pattern piece on Line 1

Add a dab of glue stick on the back of the folded section

With your first fabric laying face down,
Line it up at a quarter inch and press the glue side down on the fabric

With your second (diamond) fabric laying face up,
Place the unit on top.

Stack up all of your C1 units to stay organized

Sew the first seam on Sewing Line 1

Chain piece the C1 Units

Press the seams,
Trim to a Quarter inch Seam Allowance,
Add your next Fabric,
Sew on Sewing Line 2

At this point, both of your seams have been sewn
on your completed Unit C1

Your C1 Unit will look like this.

Be sure to follow the Lone Star Diagram in your instructions.
It will help you with your fabric placement.

You are ready to begin piecing Unit C2

Fold on Line 1

With your first fabric laying face down,
place the folded side of Unit C2 on top

Place the Unit C2 onto your first fabric (diamond) strip

Sew on Sewing Line 1

Chain Piece all of your C2 units.
Be sure to overlap the tips slightly to be certain they will
all fit on the fabric strip.

At this point
all of the paper units are sewn to the fabric strip

Use an iron to press the strip over

After pressing...
cut the units apart

Fold on Line 2

Trim the Seam Allowance with your
Add-A-Quarter Ruler

After all of the Units have been trimmed:

Place them on the next Diamond Fabric Strip

Remember to overlap the tip of each unit as you you sew

Chain Piece them together on the fabric strip

Press the Seam Allowance with an iron.
Trim the C2 Units Apart

You are now ready to begin Unit C3:

Fold on Line 1

Place the paper pattern on the back of your first fabric

Stack them together to stay organized

Piece them onto your first (Diamond) Strip of Fabric

Be sure to overlap the tip of each unit as you sew.

All of your papers are chain pieced onto one strip

Take them over to the iron for a good pressing

Now cut the paper units apart

You are now ready to fold on Line 2

Using your Add-A-Quarter Ruler
Trim off the Seam Allowance

Continue trimming and stack up all of your units

Place each unit on the next strip and chain piece them on
Sewing Line 2.
Remember to overlap the tips of each unit.

Press the Seam Allowance.
Trim the seams to a quarter inch.
Fold the paper over on Line 3.
Sew on your last fabric.
This will complete Unit C3

Be sure to refer to the Lone Star diagram on your pattern sheet.
It will help you stay organized with your fabric placement.

At this point...
You will have all three units completed

Lay them out according to your pattern diagram.
You will begin piecing your Lone Star Unit.

Use a straight pin to help line up the seam.
Push the pin through where the lines on the paper form an X.

Be sure the pin comes on at the same place on the back side.

Leave the pin sticking straight out...

Place a second pin to the left of the first pin,
and pin it all the way in as usual.

Place a third pin on the other side of the first pin,
and pin it all the way in as usual.

You can now take out the first pin...
Your seam will be undisturbed with this pinning technique.

Remove the pattern paper from Unit C1

You are now ready to seam this together.

Keep Unit C1 on the bottom and Unit C2 on the top
while piecing them together.

Press the Seam

You can now add Unit C3

There will be two places where you must match up the seams with pins.

Use the same pinning technique mentioned above.

Remove the pattern paper from Unit C2

You can now piece the last seam

Unit C3 will be on top while you are piecing this seam

Press the Seam
Your diamonds will match beautifully

You can now piece the top Lone Star unit
to the bottom Flying Geese unit.

You have completed this month's technique.

See you next month for Technique 4
Saturday, April 23, 2011
10 am
JanniLou Creations Quilt Shop
Philomath, Oregon

This Tutorial Courtesy of
Jan Bressler
Certified Quiltworx Instructor

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