Thursday, March 3, 2011

Glacier Star......Curved Piecing Tip

In January you created New York Beauty Units
for the Glacier Star Quilt.

Here is a great tip for piecing those curved units together:

With a glue stick, rub on a narrow strip of glue along the curved edge
of the S Unit, which is the small unit in the photo above.

This little bit of glue will help hold the curved seam together while you are at the sewing machine...

The S Unit is on the bottom (pretty sides up facing you)
Place the larger unit on top (pretty sides together)
Only 2 straight pins are needed, pin the corners together.
Then press the curved seam together and the glue will help hold it in place.

Once you are at the sewing machine, the glue helps hold the
seam in place as you stitch through all of the layers

Your seam will lay nice and flat.

Give this technique a try...
You will be glad you did.

JanniLou Creations

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